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Our Practice Philosophy


Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care available today.  Our reputation is based on a true concern for our patients’ well being, a mastery of clinical skills by our dental team, and the desire for our dental care to be an excellent investment for our patients.  Our business practices are founded in integrity, honesty, technically sound advice, and Christian principles.

Dental Care

We provide our services in a positive, honest, sincere and supportive way—insuring the best dental experience possible.  Our patients’ dental and psychological needs are continually changing and our ever-expanding knowledge and skills in dentistry provide them life-long use of their natural dentition.  If this is not possible, we use our experience and clinical skills to provide the most natural and long lasting artificial replacement available.

Dental Team

Terms to describe our dental team include responsible, honest, intelligent, self-motivated, positive, adaptable, eager to improve, personable, concerned and effective.  Our employees are well compensated and appreciated members of a team.  They are encouraged to grow in their relationships and knowledge, and to expand their areas of expertise.  Our standards are always set high so team members develop new levels of expertise and are encouraged to reach new heights.  The Doctor provides support, feedback, and leadership to promote growth and a long-term commitment from each employee.  Continuing education is needed and encouraged.  Our team works in an atmosphere of happiness and takes pride in our efforts, teamwork, and mutual support. 


A motivated and talented dental team intently focused on doing what is best for our patients is our objective.  Reaching this objective means personal fulfillment and professional success.