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Financial Information

The cost of your treatment is is an important issue. Here are some innovative approaches that we feel are important.

  • We offer no interest in-house financing over the length of treatment.
  • We offer outside financing through Lending Club with no down payment. Plans up to 24 months without interest are available, as are longer-term options that will allow you to have comfortable monthly payment options, at very reasonable rates.
  • We also offer long-term financing for those with challenging personal credit issues.
  • We work with our patients to do a lay-away version of dental financing.
  • Learn more about private pay and why it is important!

We have treatment options for every budget. We WANT to help you get the dentistry that you deserve!

Below are two outside financing plans that have been very well researched by our staff and we have found them to be a wonderful benefit for many of our patients.

Lending Club Patient Solutions

Our practice is pleased to offer flexible payment plans from Lending Club.

  • No initial payment and no payment for 3-7 weeks
  • Affordable Extended Plans with low fixed rates & low monthly payments
  • 6-24 month Promotional Plans
  • No prepayment penalty

You can calculate potential monthly payment options. Or place an application in a few short minutes, and decisions are typically available in seconds. For more information, just ask our team or visit LendingClub.com.


Compassionate Heathcare Services

Compassionate Healthcare Services™ makes it possible for you to receive treatment for procedures that previously may have seemed too cost prohibitive. Whether you need a procedure not covered by insurance or by standard medical credit companies, or if there's an aesthetic procedure you've always wanted but can't afford the upfront cost, Compassion Healthcare Services™ will provide you will the support you need so you can accept treatment now and pay for the procedure over time. With Compassionate Healthcare Services, you can expect quick acceptance and payment plans that fit your budget.

To get started with your application, click here and fill out an application online.