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Concerned About Costs?

We don’t compromise on quality. We work hard to keep prices as low as possible without lowering the quality of care we provide, but Innovative Family Dentistry may not be your cheapest option.

Here’s why our office is a great investment:

  • Conservative treatment: We are conservative in our diagnoses; if we recommend treatment, you can be sure you absolutely need it. If we suggest cosmetic treatment, we’re always clear that it’s optional. This means that patients’ treatment at our office is often less expensive than elsewhere – even if an individual fee is higher at our office, the total treatment needed is often less.
  • Clear, up-front costs: You’ll never be blindsided by fees at Innovative Family Dentistry. Unlike many dentists, we make our fees clear up front. We never add extra fees (for sterilization, nitrous oxide, etc). And the price we quote is for the full treatment, not just the first step. If your treatment changes, we always stop to talk about it.
  • Guaranteed treatment: We guarantee most treatment for three years (if you’re seeing a dentist for regular checkups). Most dental offices expect to replace a crowns and dentures every five years – we expect our work to last a lifetime. Paying for good treatment once is clinically better, more comfortable, more convenient, and less expensive than paying for bad treatment several times.

Investing in dental treatment can be difficult. We work hard to help our patients afford the treatment they need – you can learn more about our financing options, or contact us directly – we love to answer your questions!