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Concerned About Costs?

In today's economy, paying for your dental treatment can be expensive. We work hard to keep treatment affordable and to offer flexible payment options. Even so, Innovative Family Dentistry may not be your cheapest option. Here's why we're the best option:

  • Conservative treatment: We are very conservative in our diagnoses—if we recommend treatment, you can be sure you absolutely need it. If we suggest cosmetic treatment, we're always clear that it's optional.
  • Up-Front Costs: At Innovative Family Dentistry, you'll never be blindsided by fees. We always discuss your costs before we do any dental work. If your treatment changes, we stop to talk about it.
  • Quality Materials: We are committed to using the best products and the finest materials, to ensure long-term success of your treatment. We also use the nations' best dental labs. Their skill is critical in helping us provide you with beautiful and long lasting results.
  • Guaranteed Treatment: We guarantee most treatment for three years (if you're seeing a dentist for regular checkups). Most dental offices expect to replace a crown or dentures every five yearswe expect our work to last a lifetime.

Call our office today at 918.443.2431 to schedule a free evaluation. Come see why Innovative Family Dentistry is the right choice for you!